Indigo Fox Media

Classic Production for the Digital Age

The studio is built around the Logic and Pro Tools sequencing environments coupled with the UA Apollo x8p audio interface. Studio One and Digital Performer are also available depending on the clients preference. Final Cut Pro and Panasonic HD recorders round out the video side. Additional A/D/A hardware by Aphex, Focusrite and AEA provide some of the highest sound quality available. Microphones from Royer, AKG, AEA, Beyer, Shure and Neumann give clients a wide range of sound choices.

In addition to access to a Steinway Model D Concert Grand and Yamaha Disklavier Grand Piano, Indigo Fox Media works with a range of acoustic spaces that feature a full pipe organ and room for ensembles up to 75 players.

The studio maintains an extensive sample and SFX library, Moog Etherwave Pro, as well as string and electric instruments.  If additional musicians are needed, Indigo Fox Media contracts some of the the best instrumentalists in the New York metropolitan area.

Legacy format transfer services include phono-record, Laserdisc, DAT, cassette, 1/4" open reel, and VHS.